AME Institute for JC Teachers

Teaching Calculus with Big Ideas in Mind

Associate Professor Toh Tin Lam
National Institute of Education

Abstract: With the recent emphasis on teaching mathematics with Big Ideas, in this six-hour session, teachers will be introduced to the ways that pre-university calculus can be taught with an emphasis on building students’ conceptual understanding and developing in them rich concept images of the related concepts. Two main aspects will be explored: (1) how teaching of calculus can tap on the existing technology to facilitate students’ development of visualization skills; (2) calculus concepts can be introduced to A-Level students in a meaningful way. As a corollary, proposed activities that can be infused into the regular lecture-tutorial system will be introduced.

This online institute will take place over two afternoons on 15 and 16 March 2021, 2-5pm. (Total: 6 Hours)

Fee: SGD 90 for AME Members, SGD 100 for general public.