TME(2021) Vol 2, No. 2, pp 107-126

A Semester-Long Flipped Calculus Course for Pre-Service Teachers in Singapore

NG Wee Leng, TEO Kok Ming, WONG Khoon Yoong, and KWAN Kang Ling

National Institute of Education
Nanyang Technological University

Published in The Mathematician Educator, 2021, Vol 2, No. 2, pp 107-126.


This paper reports on a study on a semester-long flipped university mathematics course (Calculus II) taught to a cohort of pre-service teachers enrolled in the Bachelor of Science (Education) programme at the National Institute of Education, which is the autonomous teacher training institute of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. The current study is the second phase of a three-phase project which developed a comprehensive framework to guide the design of three stages of flipped learning activities: pre-class tasks; in-class interactions; and post-class consolidation. A mixedmethods research design was used to collect quantitative and qualitative data over many occasions, through methods such as weekly surveys, to investigate students’ perceptions of flipped learning activities. Results of the study suggest that the students generally found the flipped learning activities helpful and enjoyable

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