TME(2021) Vol 2, No. 2, pp 86-106

Revealing Prospective Secondary Teachers’ Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching in Teacher-Created Representations of Practice

Alyson E. Lischka*, Yvonne Lai^, Lindsay Czap*, and Jeremy F. Strayer*

*Middle Tennessee State University
United States of America

^University of Nebraska-Lincoln
United States of America

Published in The Mathematician Educator, 2021, Vol 2, No. 2, pp 86-106.


To examine differences in dimensions of MKT observable in different creation mediums for teacher-created representations of practice, we analyzed 54 representations of practice (pairs of 27 video and 27 written) created by 27 PSMTs. We found 7 pairs where we observed higher MKT in the video than in the written representation of practice created by the same PSMT. We found 0 cases where we observed higher MKT in the written as compared to the video representation of practice. We examined these 7 pairs for qualities characterizing the pairs as a set. We use findings to problematize issues central to mathematics teacher education: how mathematics is conceptualized, and how representations of practice are used as assessment of dimensions of teachers’ MKT.

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